Professional Skin Care Tips For Healthy Skin

Is it true that only by using professional skin care products can skin stay healthy? No! Intake of proper nutrition, protection from sunlight and correct cleansing regimen are also some of the parts that help to build up healthy skin. Skin deserves special care for it is the largest organ of human body that has the function of protecting and covering muscles and skeleton system, keeping body warm and offering nourishment.

Protection and care for skin:

  1. Wear sunscreen whenever an outdoor activity is about to happen. An overexposure to sunlight will lead to various skin problems like skin dehydration, skin redness and even skin cancer.
  2. Wash face gently with moisturizing & brightening cleanser is a brilliant choice for it not only cleanse the face but also avoid the loss of moisture on face. Many cleansers do can cleanse face but will also take away moisture which lead to skin dehydration afterwards.
  3. Take a steam bath if possible. This helps to eradicate the toxin in skin and will enhance the regeneration of skin cell.

Nutrition intake

  1. Water, water and water. No need to over accentuate this point. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day is the most fundamental step of all professional skin care The supplement of water enables skin to hydrate, excrete toxins and enhance radiance.
  2. Protein is the key element for the repairing of damaged skin. Eating enough protein assists skin to fight with sagging and premature aging and improve skin’s ability of repairing itself.
  3. Don’t give up eating vegetables and fruits, especially those with bright colors. Vitamin A and vitamin C, which are abundant in these kind of vegetables and fruits, serve to increase skin’s strength and metabolism, decreasing inflammation and redness on skin.

Rather than purchasing makeup sets to cover the blemishes on skin, why not try to follow professional skin care tips to gain healthy and perfect skin?



Chinese Herbs For Professional Skin Care

Very often many people may notice a funny phenomenon that women from china usually look much younger than western women at their mid-ages. Staying young and beautiful is what every woman thinking about and this has push people to look into the secret of the Chinese women staying seemingly young.

Professional skin care products surely can help skin to look younger, but what Chinese women are laying more emphasis on are the natural herbs. With the use of different herbs, skin of Chinese women do can benefit from it. However, everything has two sides, certain herbs pose health risks to people with diabetes.

The significance:

Chinese women, just like any other women in the world, value professional skin care, but not just for the sake of being beautiful. According to the Chinese, skin, as the biggest organ of the body, matters a lot. Keeping skin healthy leads to the greater health of body overall.

Herb of wolfberry:

In the traditional Chinese medication history, skin is a reflection of the inner heat of the body. How people manage to control the inner heat directly affects the skin health. For example, the emergence of pimples and skin dehydration are caused by the additional heat in blood due to the intake of spicy or hot foods. The wolfberry is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for skin care in China for centuries. It enhances the livery, kidneys and blood’s ability of nourishing liquids, circulation and toxin excretion. Making sure these organs and blood nourished and healthy can generate beneficial impact on the skin and on the overall health.


Even though it sounds like the Chinese herbs are utterly natural and safe, it’s not. People with diabetics should be extremely careful of some Chinese herbs for gyburide and phenformin exist in some Chinese herbs. So, individuals who are interested in trying Chinese herbs for skin care should consult doctors beforehand.

A Guide to the Improvement of Dry Skin


Ladies out there are constantly bugged by the skin status of being dry. Some may think that the skin issues such as acne, aging, wrinkles, fine lines and drooping is a showcase of other reasons rather than skin being dry. However, this stereotype is hugely biased. A dry skin can lead to many skin problems. Therefore, good and professional skincare products are needed

KNOW THE FUNCTIONS OF A MOISTURE CREAM: There are thousands of millions of moisture creams that are out there waiting to be picked up. Nevertheless, what is the most important thing is to know the exact functions it can provide to its users. Having a need of finding a moisture cream with multiple functions is never an easy-going thing. But the Acymer Energy Revitalizing Moisture Cream perfectly solves this concern. This product is accessible on skincare online Canada. Besides being able to moisturize dry skins, it also severs as an energy filler and at the same time revitalize the whole skin condition in a relatively fast speed.


1.Vitamin E is crucial to the skin protection against radiations of various forms. It contains antioxidant, rejuvenating substances. It is absolutely a fabulous ingredient that can provied skin with a protecting layer against radiations from sunlight and electronic equipment.

  1. Olive Oil is a natural liquid extract from the fruits of a olive tree. Being abundant in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and effective hydroxytyrosol, olive oil can well combat the inflammation and radiation. Also it can penetrate the skin in order to prevent the loss of moisture and offer skin a soft texture.

3.Jojoba Oil is suitable for skin of all situations. It has the benefits of fast skin-softening, skin-recovering and wrinkle-minimizing. The worry of aggravating acne while using skincare products can be spared due to the existence of Jojoba oil. All these divine ingredients are abundant in the Acymer Energy Revitalizing Moisture Cream. Start feeling the magical it can bring out.

Best Foam Cleanser You Could Ever Find

After an extremely laborious day of working and studying your butt off, you may always discover that it is never a light-hearted task to clean up your daily makeup. Therefore, it is rather vital to use the correct, professional and healthy foam cleanser. The pathetic failure of using a nonprofessional cleanser may lead to results of clogged pores, skin dehydration, skin aging and skin pH imbalance.

Consequently, we believe the Acymer Spaindus Silky Foam Cleanser would be a perfect option. skin

This organic beauty product contains Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract that has anti-tyrosinase, antioxidant, antimicroorganism and anti-cancer proliferation elements. Washing your face with this foam cleanser will not only make you amazed by how clean it can make to your face but you will also be marveled by the refreshing feeling it gives to you. Because this prodcut contains natural and organic ingredients, the scent it gives out will mentally and physically relax you from your daily hard labor. Wiping out the oil and cleansing the pores is no longer a tough thing to do if you start using this one and only Acy Spaindus Silky Foam Cleanser. Still faltering of making choice? Click here to see the feedbacks and reviews from our customers. This product will not let you down for certain.